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Sustainable Service
Service for Low and Medium Voltage switching and control systems

We at Arden Katzenstein recognize the ever-increasing demands on the switching systems, especially in view of the increasing electrical energy needs. Alongside our commitment to manufacturing the highest level of switching and control assemblies, we understand that the cost of aging and wear and tear over the life cycle of equipment can significantly affect their functionality.

Our customer service for medium and low voltage equipment provides comprehensive support for gas-insulated and air-insulated switching equipment throughout their entire life cycle, providing service to systems from the first generation to the current generation and ranging from 1kV to 42kV. Alongside our own products, we service Siemens and EATON products as well as medium voltage transformers through our sister company, Nisko Transformers.

Our firm belief in transparency as a foundation for proactive service guides our approach. System operators must have a clear understanding of their assets to initiate effective maintenance measures. This transparency enables targeted maintenance and early detection of potential faults, especially in the case of geographically dispersed and difficult-to-access assets.

Arden Katzenstein offers comprehensive on-site condition assessments and property audits, in addition to regular maintenance services. This in-depth diagnostic approach forms the basis for sound asset management and maintenance strategies. Our standard asset audits provide user-friendly and understandable reports, equipping asset management decision makers with immediate and actionable insights.

We also provide monitoring and diagnostic products and systems for medium and low voltage switchgear. Covering all essential monitoring aspects for a single panel or collection of panels in a project. Our asset protectors can function as stand-alone products or be integrated into a comprehensive Remote Maintenance Management Service (RMMS) system for entire plants and diverse assets.

Our remote services ensure that operators can stay up-to-date on the status of their assets across the country, without the need for increased on-site staff. Our experts are available to provide constant supervision, and give our customers remote diagnostic support and assistance.


Our focus on availability supports plant staff in maintaining their assets with high availability. The consistent functionality of the circuit breakers ensures a reliable and secure power supply, improving the return on investment on the equipment and avoiding fines or reputational damage due to power outages.


Preventive maintenance is at the heart of our offer. With a long service life and continuous trouble-free operation in mind, our maintenance services ensure the safety and reliability of all components. This includes major repairs and renovations to restore the properties to reference condition. Our preventive maintenance service includes both condition-based and preventive maintenance, along with recommended spare parts.

In the event of an emergency, our 24/7 on-call service guarantees a quick response and repair of faults, based on contractual agreements that guarantee response times and the extent of emergency measures on site. In addition, our customer support is available around the clock, every day of the year, for all power and energy questions.

Our strategic spare parts program enable quick and efficient recovery after breakdowns. Our consulting services support the systems' technical team in optimizing their spare parts management, for long-term planning and operational efficiency.

As the energy field develops, Arden Katzenstein offers a variety of services that enable system operators to maintain high performance and energy efficiency. The ability to change and renovate the equipment brings many opportunities for optimization, incorporating the latest technological advances.

Our switchgear and component update, modernization and refurbishment services include:

  • Replacement of outdated parts with modern components

  • Upgrading functions to meet higher requirements by replacing components

  • Replacement of worn parts to extend the life of the product

  • Providing alternatives to products that have been phased out through retrofitting

  • Renovate assets to extend asset life and reduce costs for new assets

Operators can leverage these services to upgrade functions, extend asset life and balance capital and operating expenses efficiently.

In accordance with the increasing complexity of the requirements, Arden Katzenstein also offers extensions to existing types of switchgear with renewed or modern components. The expansion ensures that the swutchgearcomplies with the latest health and environmental specifications, is future-proofed for electrical system developments, and guarantees safe operation for 20 years or more.


Our upgrade and upgrade services include:

  • Replacing VT's, CT's with units with a modern design and higher accuracy

  • Check and replacement of cable compartments and components to increase the rated current

  • Modification of ACB's with electronic ETUs for modern diagnostic methods

  • Replacing MCB’s, MCCB’s and Fuses with communication able equipment.


Our operations management services, such as obsolescence management, provide smooth transitions between generations of assets by providing early and proactive information about asset obsolescence. We also provide training to equip the operators with the necessary knowledge to handle different types of switches throughout their life. These offers reinforce our commitment to long-term, sustainable and quality results.

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