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SENTRON Powermanager
The expert solution for transparent power distribution

Powermanager monitor

Rising energy prices and increased sensitivity to environmental issues are causing many companies to take a critical look at their power requirements.  To achieve sustainable corporate goals, it’s especially important that energy data from all areas of the company be gathered and visualized in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner which is exactly what the SENTRON Powermanager energy monitoring software does.

Detailed energy transparency

The platform-independent OPC DA & OPC UA server / client ensures a seamless flow of information between devices from different manufacturers. SENTRON Powermanager gathers the energy data from communication capable measuring, switching, and protection devices in the SENTRON portfolio or from third-party devices, saves this data, and makes it available for further analyses - for example, in predefined, customizable dashboards. The evaluation of load peaks and load profiles makes it possible to reduce energy costs. And the continuous monitoring of power distribution enables the early detection of critical plant states, which results in high plant availability.

One PC-based software, many applications

The SENTRON Powermanager software is our offering for corporate energy monitoring precisely tailored to the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises in industry and infrastructure..

התועלת שלך

  • בטיחות על ידי מצב מחובר, בדיקה ומנותק עם הדלת סגורה

  • רוחב תא אופטימלי לכל גודל מפסק

  • תנאי שטח אידיאליים לחיבור כבלים, לכל גודל

  • תכנון חיבור מאומת למערכות גזם פסי פס של SIVACON 8PS

Powermanager buildings


E.g. hotel chains, shopping malls, research facilities: Location independent and multi location
power monitoring via standard

IT networks, with cost center specific billing.

Powermanager Industrial Plants

Industrial Plants

E.g. large bakeries, automotive industry, furniture industry: Identify existing peak loads quickly and prevent them in the future using trend analyses

Powermanager Infrastructure


E.g. data centers, logistics centers, hospitals: Avoid system outages and critical situations in your power supply system

Corporate energy management for high plant availability

Powermanager Corporate

SENTRON Powermanager provides extensive basic functions and manages the processing and export of data for energy reports, making it the optimal foundation for a corporate energy monitoring system according to ISO 50001 with the appropriate Declaration of Conformity. The integrated long-term archive for the most important measured values also permits the evaluation of data over longer periods of time. Potential savings measures can be derived directly and faults can be rapidly located. Predefined reports and messages as well as mapping of your company’s key performance indicators make it easier for you to implement the system.

Optimize energy consumption and maintenance

Powermanager Optimize

Obtain targeted information on your plant’s important performance indicators so that you can maintain full control at all times. In addition to electrical characteristics like current and voltage, this also includes status information like energy and performance values. The result is condition-based maintenance that always tells you which devices need to be repaired or replaced.

Reliability in every aspect

Powermanager Reliability

Whether it’s fault tolerance through condition monitoring, investment protection, or the protection of your data, SENTRON Powermanager offers you reliability in every aspect. This includes optimal investment protection for existing equipment, thanks to the simple connection of all SENTRON devices and any other Modbus devices (including third-party).

All communications access – for example, to SENTRON Powercenter 3000 – is via a single IP address. This means the simplification of commissioning, ongoing operation, and security settings.

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SENTRON Powermanager


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