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Metal Production
Forging the future with precision

At Ardan Katzenstein Engineering Ltd., our state-of-the-art Metal Production Plant offers an unparalleled range of specialized capabilities designed to meet diverse manufacturing needs. Our commitment to precision, quality, and innovation is evident across our various areas of production.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our facility is equipped with a cutting-edge CNC punching machine featuring automated tool change and an automated loader and unloader for sheet metal of various thicknesses. This technology ensures excellent quality and precision, while also allowing us the flexibility to produce small batches tailored to specific needs. Additionally, our two CNC bending machines are capable of handling both small and large size parts, made from materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, and GPO.

Copper Fabrication

We are proud to offer copper fabrication services that include the latest CNC cutting, punching, and bending technologies. Our capability for precision down to 0.2mm ensures accurate and stress-free copper busbar systems. Unique to Ardan, this technology gives us an added value and competitive edge over other manufacturers. We can produce copper parts up to dimensions of 160mm x 12mm and lengths up to 4 meters.

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Powder Coating Plant

Our advanced automatic powder coating line is truly a class of its own. This fully automated line features cleaning, custom color options, and robotic paint cells. The advantage of this in-house facility is that we can meticulously control paint thickness and quality according to individual customer specifications.

Wire Preparation

At Ardan Katzenstein, we are proud pioneers in Israel, leading the way in automated wire harness production. Our adoption of the cutting-edge PWA-6000, in conjunction with advanced engineering applications, marks a significant leap forward in our manufacturing capabilities.

This state-of-the-art machine enables us to produce wires cut precisely to length, complete with ferrules on both ends, and featuring permanent wire designation markings directly on the wire. This integration of technology not only streamlines our production process but also enhances the quality and reliability of our products.

The PWA-6000's ability to automate measuring, cutting, stripping, crimping, and labeling tasks represents a transformative shift from traditional wire preparation methods, driving efficiency and precision in everything we do.


Why choose our metal plant services?

When you opt for Ardan Katzenstein Engineering Ltd.'s metal production services, you are choosing a partner committed to delivering superior quality, precision, and customer-specific solutions. Our use of state-of-the-art technology ensures not just product excellence but also cost-effectiveness and speed in manufacturing. We provide added value through unique capabilities like specialized copper fabrication, giving you a competitive advantage in your industry.

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