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Electrical power sub-distribution
Integrated, safe and efficient

The increasing level of automation in buildings and industry introduces novel requirements for electrical power distribution and makes the underlying technologies ever more complex. Our components and systems are perfect for integration into networked environments and significantly increasing the efficiency of your business processes: communication-capable, flexible and failsafe devices combine with digital engineering to enable optimized solutions – for any application. 

SIBOARD 800 NF Closed panel

Your benefit

  • Perfectly coordinated system components thanks to well-thought-out platform structure 

  • Quality and safety for all applications up to 800 A 

  • Low-cost, easy installation thanks to uniform design 

An electrical installation in buildings, infrastructure or industrial applications is only as cost-efficient and functional as the technology it is based on. A consistent system such as the SIBOARD product family offers clear advantages: simplified installation, shorter installation times, avoidance of mistakes, and logistics advantages thanks to optimized warehousing. You also profit from the well-thought-out platform structure, which offers the perfect alternatives for all your power distribution requirements. 

SIBOARD 800 NF Opened panel

A comprehensive range for all applications up to 800A 

Over 45 years of experience and our comprehensive know-how make us a strong and reliable partner. Thanks to our expertise and strong positioning in the Israeli market, we’re able to develop innovative products and systems for safe and intelligent power distribution, and supply them according to your requirements. 

Perfectly equipped for every eventuality

The SIBOARD product family offers a comprehensive range for all your power distribution requirements, with distribution boards for currents up to 800A. Whether in buildings, in infrastructure or in industrial applications, with SIBOARD you can always count on a high quality, safety and stability. 

Distribution boards –first choice for all applications

SIBOARD distribution boards offer a comprehensive product program, comprising small, wall and floor-mounted distribution boards up to 800A. In this way you profit not only from the high quality, safety and stability of our products, but also benefit from consistent technology and uniform design thanks to the wellthought-out platform structure. Their ease of installation and modular construction throughout offer additional advantages, for example minimized stock-keeping and simplified procurement. The practical Simaris CFB planning and configuration software offers great support for planning, configuration and ordering tasks involving the distribution board. 

A flexible platform structure for your installations 

Modular solutions are faster 

No matter, whether you are looking for small, wall or floor-mounted distribution boards – our SIBOARD distribution board systems are based on a standardized platform structure with a broad spectrum of models between 160 A to 800 A. Their modular design gives you a wide variety of installation options with devicespecific assembly kits, suitable for all distribution board sizes. Equipment can be individually matched to all requirements depending on the specific project. With this system you can cover every installation need, for small or large projects, for buildings or for infrastructure. 

SIBOARD 800 NF Open cubicle

Platform structure for easy installation 

SIBOARD distribution boards stand out from the competition: they excel in terms of their inner workings and their standardized design concept, combined with a premium quality surface finish. The advantages are clear: a perfect, visually harmonious appearance, and very easy installation thanks to a specially developed, standard installation concept. The platform structure creates considerable savings potential, especially in warehousing, thanks to the use of identical parts. 

Comprehensive support 

We support you throughout the entire value chain with our end-to-end portfolio, from the planning stages right through to the operation, as well as when it comes to measures for modernizing and expanding your electrical energy distribution systems. 

Our tested and certified components, systems and software packages allow for ever suitable and efficient solutions in both centralized and distributed power systems the world over and can be perfectly integrated into building automation and industrial automation applications. 

At the same time, you benefit from our broad portfolio of personalized and automated maintenance and support services. 

Clear ordering channels, transparent product availability data and high delivery reliability coupled with swift global spare part provision, comprehensive online services, expert consulting and fast, efficient and reliable processes ensure that you are optimally covered throughout the entire product life cycle. 

The complete system for buildings, infrastructure and industrial applications 

SIBOARD 800 NF Busbar connection

Your benefit

  • Comprehensive range for installation requirements from 160 A to 800 A 

  • Individual, project-specific installation and equipment options due to modular design 

  • Short installation time thanks to quick assembly kits and installation modules 

  • Optimized warehousing through systematic concept of identical parts 

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