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Energy and data
successfully put on track

New paths
to the future

Powerful, flexible, cost-efficient, and sustainable, SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems are ready for tomorrow’s tasks today and enable you to raise your power distributionto a new level of performance.

  • Innovative: the alternative to conventional cables

  • Well-conceived: solutions for all power transmission and distribution tasks

  • Sustainable: resource-saving, reusable, and easy to recycle

  • Flexible: easy to adapt to new consumers and modified layouts

  • Smart: acquires energy data and directly transmits it via the busbar without cables or wireless networks

Highly available systems ex works

With SIVACON 8PS, you are already at the finish line, because your power distribution already fulfills the calculated values you want to achieve ex works – regardless of the installation, and with the triple advantage that mounting is easier, faster, and more reliable compared with cable installation.

Distribute power more efficiently

Cost-efficiency means safe and reliable power distribution in every process step. With SIVACON 8PS, you will benefit from the coordinated interaction
of all components and tools – for efficient processes, from planning through installation to operation and maintenance:

  • SIMARIS busbarplan ensures that planning complies with BIM (Building Information Modeling).

  • The BusbarCheck app enables safe and targeted installation.

  • powerline technology makes smart communication incredibly easy for your energy data management system.

Extra sustainability in power distribution

With SIVACON 8PS, sustainability starts with
the system’s long service life, as it saves valuable resources. The system family has many additional features:

  • SIVACON 8PS systems are resource-saving, reusable, and easy to recycle.

  • Custom solutions specifically for wind and PV plants are available.

  • When server racks are used, the LData system for data centers reduces energy losses thanks to larger cross-sections – and electromagnetic radiation is minimized.

  • Certificates document the systems’ environmental profile (like the carbon footprint and RoHS).

SIVACON 8PS – high operational safety and availability

  • Design verified busbar trunking systems and connections to SIVACON S8 switchboards
    in accordance with IEC 61439-1/-6

  • Product features ensured ex works

  • High short-circuit withstand strength

  • Low fire load

SIVACON 8PS – higher efficiency ensured systematically

  • Compact, space-saving design

  • High system flexibility for planning and operation

  • Transparent power flows facilitate process optimizations

  • System data provides optimal support for maintenance work

SIVACON 8PS – environmentally friendly power distribution

  • Optimized use of materials and durable components

  • Helps reduce your carbon footprint

  • Extremely low electromagnetic radiation

You benefit during planning,
installation, and operation

Optimal planning

Planning your power distribution with SIVACON 8PS offers many benefits, especially in three vital areas:

1. Time. Time is a cost factor that you can reduce. Software tools from the SIMARIS Suite make your work much faster while also improving quality and safety. They not only contain your system data, they also provide all the relevant standards that need to be covered.




2. Transparency. At the same time, using the SIMARIS software tools increases the transparency of your project. Even when things get extremely complex, everything stays under your control.

3. Future-proof design. Thanks to integrated BIM data, your planning is ready for the future. For example, you can use SIMARIS busbarplan to design three- dimensional routing diagrams for the BD01, BD2, LD, LData, LI, and LR busbar trunking systems as digital twins.

Planning tools in the SIMARIS Suite

SIMARIS design

Minimum input effort, maximum result: With SIMARIS design, you can calculate grids – including short-circuit current – based on real products.

SIMARIS project

Thanks to SIMARIS project, you will know exactly how much space is required
for electric power distribution in your building, and you can generate budget prices and tender specification texts.

SIMARIS sketch

You need routing diagrams for the BD01, BD2, LD, LI, and LR busbar trunking systems in 3D, but you do not have CAD knowledge? No problem with SIMARIS sketch!

SIMARIS busbarplan

The professional planning tool for designing the digital twin of your busbar run. Select the right busbar trunking system for your project and plan the busbar run in the building in 3D while complying with BIM – quickly and easily.

Clever installation


With SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems, you will enjoy the many benefits of smart power distribution compared with conventional cable installation.
This is most apparent during installation: innovative and safe technology that is quick and easy to install using, among other things, the practical BusbarCheck installation app.

  • Provides all the information necessary
    for installation (like installation instructions).

  • Helps identify and visually document each connection.

  • At the push of a button, a digital protocol
    of all connection points is generated from this – to document the high-quality installation.

  • The effect: It is the better and faster way to create an operational system.

Clever installation1.jpg
Clever installation2.jpg

Transparent and efficient operation

Operational safety and system availability are top priorities in power distribution. But what if usage requirements change? Then, speed and flexibility in designing a future-oriented power distribution are essential.

The answer is SIVACON 8PS. It allows you to achieve more flexibility and an optimal assignment of switching and protection devices to consumers. Any errors are also quickly corrected thanks to the boost in transparency:

  • Optimal interaction of all components

  • Freely selectable positioning of tap-off units

  • System expansions or modifications can be easily planned and flexibly implemented


Your start in digitalization

With SIVACON 8PS, you will take advantage from the digital age.
The SIVACON 8PS powerline technology supports smart power distribution:

  • Operation and energy data from your power distribution are acquired in a distributed way

  • Smart data transmission via the conductors of the busbar trunking system to higher-level analysis systems or IoT applications

  • powerline modules are easy to retrofit

Simply use the data potential:

  • Overview of trends in the development of your system data

  • Timely replacement of components, as possible failures are detected at an early stage

  • Reliable estimation of the remaining service life of a system


Busbar versus cable:

Benefits at a glance

Connection to automation and energy management systems as well as to the cloud (IoT)

Small Title

• Complicated due to installation of parallel communication cables


• Simple and cost-efficient integration thanks to standardized and retrofittable powerline technology

Installation time

Small Title

• Time-consuming due to many work operations on site


• Short installation time thanks to prefabricated
trunking elements

Troubleshooting and error correction

Small Title

• Time-consuming due to less clearly arranged installation, and switching and protection devices far away from the consumers


• Easy thanks to clearly arranged installation, and switching and protection devices close to the consumer

Flexibility in the event of modifications, expansions,
or the relocation of load focal points

Small Title

• High effort: replacement of existing devices, or expansion with additional outgoing feeders in the switchboard and the associated modifications in the cable installation
• Long downtimes
• Rigid power supply


• Very high flexibility thanks to variable tap-off units that can be modified, added, or replaced as required, even while energized
• No total system downtimes
• Adaptable power supply


Small Title

• Cable waste
• Limited reuse
• Costly and time consuming to separate and recycle


• Custom-fit manufacturing
• Resource-saving
• Reusable
• Easy to recycle

System lifecycle

Small Title

• High effort for cable installation and for centrally arranged switching and protection devices
• Planning: Detailed planning and budgeting are required in advance
• Installation: Changes on-site or later during operation are complicated
• Operation: Configuration changes are only possible when the system or complete sections are shut down


• High level of safety and availability thanks to preconfigured and standardized tap-off units
• Planning: safety in quality and costs
• Installation: plug & work, easy configuration changes
• Operation: design verified standard/modular system for easy configuration changes, maintenance, and spare part management

Electromagnetic influence

Small Title

• Relatively high for standard cables
• No defined arrangement of conductors, dependent on the individual installation


• Low influence thanks to suitable arrangement of conductors

Space requirements

Small Title

• High due to bending radii, installation method, and accumulation
• Larger installation surface of the central switchboard due to integrated switching and protection devices


• Very low thanks to compact design and installation with contours matching the building structure
• Smaller installation surface thanks to reduced size of the central switchboard

Fire barrier

Small Title

• Very high fire load, dependent on cable type


• Very low fire load
• Halogen-free

Conformity with standards

Small Title

• Individual solution; compliance with standards much more difficult to prove (for example, consideration of derating factors)


• Design verified system in accordance with IEC 61439-1/-6
• High current-carrying capacity, operational safety, and short-circuit withstand strength

Reliable power
at all locations, in all scenarios


For shopping malls, hospitals, factory floors, office buildings,
and commercial buildings, or for connecting e-car charging stations: SIVACON 8PS ensures reliable and cost-efficient power distribution at all locations. From planning through installation and operation to expanding your power supply, you will benefit from efficiency, convenience, high adaptability to new use concepts, and communication with higher-level systems or clouds.

SIVACON 8PS for perfect interaction




Shopping malls and supermarkets

Shopping malls and supermarkets often change how they use space. In most cases, power has to be transported across long distances or to multiple building levels – that is where the extreme flexibility of

the LI, BD2, and BD01 systems proves its value.


Home improvement centers

Home improvement centers sell products that are easily ignitable. The LI, BD2, and BD01 busbar trunking systems are the best choice in this setting thanks to their high level of safety and low fire load.


High-rise buildings

SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems supply power to high-rise buildings and large office buildings quickly, reliably, and cost-efficiently. In this case, the riser shaft is equipped with the LI system, while BD01 and BD2 systems serve the individual floors. Their low fire load ensures a high level of safety.


Exhibition halls

Spatial configurations in exhibition and event halls are always changing. Distributing power requires suitably flexible and robust systems. The LD, LI, BD2, and BD01 busbar trunking systems are the ideal solution.



Workshops and production facilities generally need smaller volumes of power as close as possible to the consumer load location – no problem for BD2 and BD01 busbar trunking systems.

Critical infrastructure

Transportation and logistics


Data centers

Power failures in data centers can have serious consequences. To ensure that data centers have a safe, reliable, and integrated power supply, the LI system provides transmission busbars while the BD01, BD2, and LData systems are used as distribution busbars. With a current rating of up to 2500 A, the LData system can already meet your future needs today.



The LR, LD, BD2, and BD01 systems are certified for use on ships and ensure a reliable power supply even under harsh conditions like salty, highly humid air, swells at sea, and vibration. Their special ship bulkheads and low weight offer more advantages compared to cable installation.



The number and requirements of consumers in airports are constantly changing.
What does stay the same is the high demand for an extremely safe, reliable, and flexible power distribution. The LI system is designed for a comprehensive, end-to-end, and efficient infrastructure.



Highly sensitive, life-saving systems in hospitals must be protected from inter- ruptions and faults in the power supply. The LD, LI, and BD2 systems provide especially safe and reliable protection.


Tunnels and underground

Smoke extraction fans and other power consumers in the underground require safe, secure, and reliable power transmission solutions. Key factors in these applications include a high level of personnel protection and prevention of vandalism – areas where the LR system is strongest.




Multistory and underground
parking garages

Charging infrastructures in the multistory and underground parking garages at high- rise buildings have tremendous potential for growth. The BD01 and BD2 systems are expandable and powerful, including the acquisition and transmission of energy data to higher-level systems without cables.


Automotive industry

As the automotive industry becomes increasingly flexible, power distribution
to production sites has to keep pace.
No problem! The LD system handles large production lines, while the BD01 and BD2 systems supply power to the infrastructure systems.


Semiconductor production

With its high short-circuit withstand strength and low fire load, the compact LD system
is ideal for the energy-intensive and highly complex processes in the semiconductor industry.


e-bus depots

The LD system is perfectly designed for the requirements of large e-bus depots thanks to its high power density, short charging time, changing usage criteria, and extreme safety. It offers eMobility an innovative alternative to cables.


Manufacturing industry

Production lines require reliable power distribution as well as integration in energy management. The LI, LD, BD2, and BD01 systems offer a high short-circuit withstand strength and mechanical safety – and the LI, LD, and BD2 systems also provide high- performance powerline technology.


Food and beverage industry

SIVACON 8PS makes power distribution in the food and beverage industry flexible and reliable. The LD and LI systems supply power to consumers with high power loads while also feeding the smaller BD01 and BD2 systems. The result is high production quality and safety.

Renewable energies


Chemical industry

The high safety standards in chemical plants also apply to power distribution. The reliable, compact, and cost-efficient LR and LI busbar trunking systems comply with these stand- ards thanks to design verified components and sophisticated connection technology, and a high degree of protection.


Wind turbines

Wind turbines must be capable of transmitting the power they generate
in a cost-efficient, reliable, and space-saving manner. The LD and LDM busbar trunking systems simplify planning, installation, commissioning, and removal.


Photovoltaic and container stations

Custom-made for individual requirements, fast to install, with current ratings up to 7000 A, and precisely configured to otherproducts like inverters and transformers:
The LDM-P system is ideal for highly efficient use in photovoltaic and container stations.

One family

many possibilities



Small Title

in office buildings and industrial transfer lines


• Workshops and production
• Supermarkets
• Data centers
• High-rise buildings
• Exhibition halls
• Automotive industry
• Ship applications
• eMobility



Small Title

An integrated and universal solution
for safe and efficient power supply in infrastructure and industry for the global IEC market


• High-rise buildings
• Data centers
• Manufacturing industry
• Chemical industry
• Airports
• Exhibition halls
• Hospitals
• Home improvement centers
• Shopping malls and supermarkets
• eMobility



Small Title

The application-specific, air-insulated busbar for safe and efficient
power transmission in wind turbines, photovoltaic stations, and container stations


• Wind turbines



Small Title

The reliable busbar for high protection
in harsh ambient conditions, e.g., for outdoor networking of building sections, or for the supply of tunnels


• Chemical industry
• Oil and gas
• Tunnels and underground • Outdoor applications
• Ship applications



Small Title

The universal solution for maximum power in the smallest space, above all


• Workshops and production
• Manufacturing industry
• Home improvement centers
• Data centers
• Hochhäuser
• Food and beverage industry
• Exhibition halls
• Hospitals
• Automotive industry
• Ship applications
• eMobility



Small Title

The long-time proven high-current busbar for industrial and special applications


• Automotive industry
• Manufacturing industry
• Food and beverage industry
• Exhibition halls
• Wind turbines
• Semiconductor production
• Ship applications
• eMobility



Small Title

Efficient and reliable power supply
for data centers now and in the future


• Data centers

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IEC 61439

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License to mark SIVACON S8 with the "Standard Mark"


License to mark SIVACON S8 with the "Quality Mark"

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