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Medium Voltage
ARD-24 Compact Station
Innovative Prefabricated Design

Ardan Katzenstein Engineering Ltd. proudly presents the ARD-24 Compact Station, a type-tested, outdoor, prefabricated solution tailored for medium voltage distribution systems. It is innovatively designed to provide efficient low voltage electrical energy supply in diverse environmental conditions.


Design and Environment Adaptability

Our ARD-24 model exemplifies engineering excellence, crafted to operate seamlessly in populated areas while withstanding varied climates and air pollution levels. Its robust design is also tailored for corrosive and dusty environments, ensuring reliability and longevity.

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for maximum demands

Your benefit

  • Emphasis on maximum personal and plant safety

  • Flexible layout thanks to a modular concept and wide variety of parts

  • Efficient implementa- tion of technologically sophisticated solutions

Medium Voltage (M.V.) Compartment

The M.V. Compartment is a testament to our commitment to space optimization and functionality. It accommodates gas-insulated compact switchgear with up to four switching units. This compartment features mounts for operating handles and spare fuses, enhanced by internal lighting for ease of operation.

Transformer Compartment

The transformer compartment, compatible with transformers up to 630KVA, is designed for accessibility and safety. It includes dual access doors with interlocking mechanisms synced with the M.V. compartment, ensuring operational safety. These doors, crafted from steel sheets with ventilation louvers, embody durability and efficiency.

Low Voltage (L.V.) Compartment

Over 320,000 switching boards have already been launched on the market by SIVACON Technology Partners – proof that technol- ogically sophisticated solutions can be effi- ciently implemented with the SIVACON S8 low-voltage power distribution board. Power distribution is easy to plan, and the distribu- tion board can be quickly configured using the SIMARIS software tools. The result: time savings and planning reliability throughout the entire process.

Reflecting our commitment to efficiency, the ARD24 is engineered for straightforward installation. Its modular design allows for easy on-site assembly, delivered in a well-organized wooden crate. Whether using a crane or manual handling, installation is streamlined. The station rests on a prefabricated concrete base (provided by the client) and includes all necessary accessories and a terminated conductor for bonding.


Installation Ease

Maintenance Protocol

Designed for minimal maintenance, the ARD24 Compact Station is exceptionally resilient. In extreme atmospheric conditions, simple maintenance procedures such as touch-up painting, lubrication of locks and hinges, and occasional washing of outer surfaces are recommended to maintain its pristine condition.

ARD-24 Technical Data

Kiosk Drawing.jpg
Treatment of Metal Structures
Zink electroplating phosphatization backed polyester epoxy paint
Load Resistance of Roof
More then 250Kg/m²
Water Absorption (ASTM D-570)
Surface Resistance (ASTM D-257)
HDT (ASTM D-648)
Flammability (UL94)
Grade V-0
Properties of Construction Material
U.V protection to DIN53387: Excellent Impact strength: Walls, Doors DIN53453: 47KJ/m² Roof (ISO-180-1A): 50KJ/m²
Noise Level
Attenuation of transformer noise by (walls, Doors, roof)
Protection Against Internal Fault
16KA/1sec at 24KV (class B access) criteria 1 to 16 according to IEC298-AA, IEC17D
Rated Short Time Withstand Current
Rated Voltage H.V/L.V (max)
24/0.66KV - 3 phase - 50/60Hz
Rated Power
630KVA (class 10K)
3610x1600x1840mm (LHW)

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IEC 61439

Project Checklist



Technology Partner


License to mark SIVACON S8 with the "Standard Mark"


License to mark SIVACON S8 with the "Quality Mark"

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