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Off-Site Manufacturing
Off-site, On-Point: Manufacturing excellence delivered 

At SYNTEG, a subsidiary of Ardan Katzenstein Engineering Ltd., we are revolutionizing off-site manufacturing through exceptional engineering and a commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. We specialize in the conceptualization and execution of intricate Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) Electro-Mechanical systems, offering a multitude of advantages over traditional construction methods.


Safety Measures

Our factory environments are meticulously designed to minimize hazards, offering a safer alternative to traditional, on-site construction projects. A controlled setup ensures that safety protocols are strictly followed, mitigating risks and enhancing overall project security.


Our dedicated factory floor operations provide a financially advantageous solution, outperforming on-site construction in terms of overhead costs. The economies of scale achieved through factory production translate into substantial savings for our clients.


Quality Control

Our factory assembly lines maintain a consistent and controlled environment, thereby facilitating superior product quality. Each manufactured item undergoes rigorous quality control checks to ensure it meets and exceeds the established standards.

Efficient Scheduling

SYNTEG's OSM services excel in project time management. We sidestep the usual bottlenecks and delays often associated with on-site construction by meticulously planning and executing tasks in a factory setting, leading to timely project completions.


Expertise in Electro-Mechanical Systems

When it comes to large-scale projects, the intricate Electro-Mechanical systems we produce play a critical yet often underestimated role. Our top-tier design and field engineers focus on these essential systems, given their pivotal nature in the broader scope of the project.

Environmental Sustainability

SYNTEG places great emphasis on sustainable practices, incorporating effective waste management systems in our factories. This approach significantly reduces the environmental footprint when compared to traditional construction sites.

SYNTEG's Core Strengths

The essence of SYNTEG's strength lies in the fusion of three core competencies: fabrication capabilities, supply capabilities, and design expertise. This synergistic collaboration is our secret weapon for pushing the envelope in off-site manufacturing, producing end results that are innovative and exceed client expectations.

Why Choose SYNTEG's OSM Service?

Choosing SYNTEG for your Off-Site Manufacturing needs ensures that you gain from superior safety measures, cost-effective solutions, efficient scheduling, rigorous quality control, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Our harmonious blend of core competencies culminates in delivering an experience and end-product that sets new industry standards. Partner with SYNTEG and invest in a future that is not only efficient but also socially and environmentally responsible.

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